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I'm Gina Tyler, a homeopath in Woodland Hills, California, USA.

The use of information on this web site is for an alternative to toxic prescription drugs used by allopathic medical doctors.

For those that have a chronic problem I must recommend you see a professional homeopath. This information is to start you on a path of looking elsewhere for your health related problems by looking into homeopathy.

For many an attitude of “helping yourself” - the taking charge of your own body - is important and the first step. You are not helpless. The knowledge lies in your body. Your body has an ability to improve its immune system to strengthen weakened areas.

The basic principle of homeopathy: similia similibus =
like may be cured by like.

These areas can be weakened via stress, trauma (emotional as well as physical trauma), chemical toxins, suppressive allopathic medications and the over-use of pain-pills and other factors. These problems can all be addressed by the use of herbs, homeopathy and a drastic change of eating/drinking habits.

The excessive use of allopathic medication can cause major imbalances sometimes thought as a secondary illness. Actually, all they are is adverse side effects of that medication. An allopathic MD would consider this a sign of another illness, thus more medication is given, and more suppression of pain, and so on. Your body ends up with a toxic overload from the medications, environmental substances, vaccines, and other bad habits of sorts.

This web site contains general information on some alternative healing methods.

Hopefully it will start you on a learning path like the one I took on my journey toward homeopathy. It all started to make sense as I saw results with my own health related problems.

I do not advocate a particular product or product company. I have nothing to gain by your use of a certain brand of herb or homeopathic remedy.

The ideal healing system in my eyes should contain all of these:

  1. Be effective
  2. Must be no risk for anyone (no side effects)
  3. Strengthens the individual so they can live to the fullest without suffering
  4. Not just to palliate(palliate=to dull the pain as pain killers do), but subdue it
  5. To not suppress the symptom but actually stop the destructive path of an illness by getting to the core onset of that imbalance
  6. Must be non invasive
  7. Has to address the “whole” individual, not just the disease
  8. Be a benefit to all walks of life meaning baby’s, children, men, women, the elderly and animals without harm

The opposite of Homeopathy is Allopathy (western medicine). Allopathy is a method of medicine in which diseases are treated by producing a condition incompatible with or antagonistic to the condition to be cured (like using chemo for cancer or surgically removing a tumor) and the use of violent, invasive and toxic chemicals to combat disease.

Homeopathic remedies are all available in herb stores and are easily obtained.

The trick is to find a correct match. There are over 52,000 homeopathic remedies/potencies to choose from. Any one of these can be the one for your acute disease and/or chronic ailment. To choose the wrong remedy is a waste of time, no cure will happen. To choose the correct remedy it must be done based on the entire ‘totality’ of all your symptoms, meaning specifics in physical, mental and emotional areas of your body. This is where a trained, classical homeopath comes in. By years of intense study in the field of homeopathy and working on-site in a clinical hands-on practice, a homeopath ‘paints’ a picture of you in the form of a ‘case-taking’ - a consultation that can last up to 2 hours for a chronic ailment.

For a fact list and other articles on Homeopathy visit the Information page.

More information on Homeopathy and how it works can be found on the Links page.

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