Gina Tyler, DHom
Gina Tyler, DHom
Autobiography Gina Tyler DHOM

I was born June 12 th 1957 in Java, Indonesia. I grew-up in the Netherlands ( Holland).

I am presently working in California.

This website pertains to my love for Homeopathy,this also includes other holistic health matters such as Reflexology,Herbalism,and Aromatheraphy.

My methods of helping those that are ill are via case taking/interview/consultation.

A history of my education /training in the fields of alternative meds is as follows.

The art of live case taking with miasmatic evaluation my teacher was Dr.Subrata Banerjea Los Angeles California.

Potency of choice my teacher was Dr. S. Banerjea Los Angeles California.

Diploma in Homeopathy with the British Institute of homeopathy 1995-1996

Advanced case taking in classical homeopathy at the International college of homeopathy teacher was Dr. Ed Floyd M.S. D.C. Los Angeles California.

Certification in advanced classical homeopathy an on site program at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute Calcutta India 1996.

Worked also at various slum clinics in Calcutta India using homeopathy to help the sick.

Homeopathy L.M. potency prescribing in Puri India 1996

Certification in Aromatheraphy Seminars Los Angeles California 1996

Certification in Kinesiology at the Kinesiology Institute Los Angeles California 1997

Advanced studies in Archetypical plant medicine the teacher was Dr. Asa Hershoff of the American university of complimentary medicine Los Angeles, California.

Bengal Allen medical institute overseas Advanced classical homeopathy, Colchester, England.

Member of the National Center for Homeopathy


What started my journey into alternative medicine? 

My interest in homeopathy blossomed when my mother became very sick with Rheumatoid arthritis, which she’s had for about 20 yrs. 

I watched allopathic MD’s giving her toxic drugs year after year, with no results. Her immune system was being destroyed from all these drugs. Not only were they not helping, it was causing crippling adverse effects. She lost so much weight and fell to just 80 pounds. 

My family moved from the Netherlands ( Holland) to California thinking the weather would benefit my mother’s health problems. The severe freezing cold in Holland is not welcome when you have Arthritis in your body. 

I was already extremely interested in herbal plants but had just used them on myself.

I made a giant move to try and help my mother overcome this disease with the use of my obstinate personality and study of plant medicine. I started by trying to convince her to change her eating and drinking habits, meaning foods that are toxic to her and things she was drinking that were working against her journey towards health. In the case of Arthritis, foods such as the nightshade family must be avoided. 

Many methods of alternative meds were introduced into my mother’s life from then on.

Starting with Ayurveda and all it’s treatments of massage - Panchakarma - using amazing plant oils of various kinds. Each day she had to drink a detoxing liquid called Ghee and used a special breathing technique called Pranayama. 

All of this helped a lot, but I wanted more for her. So I started into my journey of Homeopathy by going to the alternative healing bookstores and spending hours and hours sitting on the floor reading about Homeopathy. I found a few books to take home and started to study. The book that stood out the most was Miasmatic Diagnosis - a Homeopathic book written by Dr. Subrata Banerjea in India. After reading this I wanted more and looked up this author, finding out that he taught Homeopathy in Calcutta India. The journey has not stopped from that point on. 

I flew to India and took the clinical course. To my amazement I was not prepared enough. I should’ve taken more of the basic lessons in Homeopathy before I engulfed myself in the intensive hands-on Homeopathic clinic in Calcutta. 

When I came back to California more studies for years to come, but by then I was making use of all my knowledge in Reflexology, Herbs, Aromatheraphy and Kinesiology. 

Today as I write, the update on my mother is amazing. She is healthy, strong and energetic. She is the proper weight for her size body and travels with me to all corners of this planet. 

She is the only one out of all her friends age 65-75+ that does not have hundreds of prescription drugs in her medicine cabinet. In fact, she only takes homeopathy and a few herbs. 

This story is a condensed version of my learning path.


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