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General Testimonials for Homeopathy

Abdominal Pain
"I came into work feeling quite sick with a pain in my left abdomen. I felt a bit cold and unwell but any sudden movement was agonizing and sent a sharp burning pain into my left side of my lower abdomen. I was too out of it to figure out what to take and so limped round to my homoeopathic doctor around the corner from my pharmacy. He asked me to hop up on the couch for an examination and prodded around the painful area. I screamed out in pain as he hit the sensitive spot. He nearly had to scrape me off the ceiling. Then he declared that I had an acute inflammation of my sigmoid flexure. Great I said, get rid of it. He smiled and produced a bottle of Belladonna 10M granules from his desk drawer and gave me a capful on my tongue whilst I was recovering from the physical examination. I was aware that the pain felt like a marble-sized spot imbedded in my left side. I felt sick, cold and generally unwell. Within 30 seconds of the granules I experienced what can only be described as a nuclear explosion of this burning marble in my side. The localized burning sensation suddenly spread outward and turned into a warm sensation and sweat over my entire body. The pain went instantly and did not return. I felt quite well and went back to a full day’s work."

- Tony Pinkus, Jan. 19, 2011 5:46 pm UT

Erb’s Palsy
I want to tell people how I got into homeopathy. My first son was born with Erb’s Palsy, a damage to the brachial plexus nerves in his neck. His right arm just hung there useless after he was born. The doctors told me that he would have a useless arm, one smaller than the other. As any parent we were not happy to hear about that. We had taken our son to our local homeopath, and she gave him some simple pellets, called ARNICA 30CH. At our two-month follow up at Sick Kids [The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto] for physio, they were doing physio on the wrong arm because they couldn’t tell which side was effected. We didn’t need to bring him back again, and he gained full use of his arm. This is one story that brought me to homeopathy. I am happy that I found it and am blessed that I have become one now because I like stories just like these.

- Heather Caruso, Jan. 20 2011 1:09 a.m. UT

Head Injuries
To put it succinctly, homeopathy has been the greatest blessing of my life. The results of head injuries I sustained in an auto accident and a bad fall forced me to give up a 22-year career with IBM. After years of conventional treatment—which did nothing for me—it was my great good luck that a wonderful homeopath opened a practice in town. I’d never heard of homeopathy, knew nothing about it, but made an appointment for a consultation. The results of his treatment were fantastic. I now have a satisfying and productive life pursuing my work and social life. I can also handle the responsibility of an elderly parent who needs help. Acute illnesses like bronchitis, colds, sore throats and poison ivy are quickly gone without getting the chance to make me miserable for days or weeks like they did before I found homeopathy. It’s great for the animals too–no more boils, mammary infections, infected cuts or itchy flea bites. Anyone who finds homeopathy has a friend for life!

- ChristyRedd, Jan. 20, 2011 at 4:45 am

Gastric Ulcers, Migraines
Homeopathy worked for me over 30 years ago, when I was very skeptic, but ConMed could not deal with my (very painful) gastric ulcers without resorting to drugs that caused heart disease. Later, it dealt with my migraines. And lots and lots of minor ailments through the years; and those of my children, and now my grandchildren. Homeopathy has also allowed me to lead my life without Big Pharma drugs, and all their disease-inducing-effects (DIEs)

- Steve Scrutton, Jan. 20, 2011 at 12:22 p.m. UT

Homeopathy cured my allergies — which I had suffered with for 12 years ! — with one dose of Allium cepa 30c. It changed my life. Previously I had tried allergy shots (6 years), OTC products, diet and exercise — nothing had worked. I am so grateful for homeopathic medicine and for my right to choose it for myself and my family.

- Maria Ringo, Jan. 20, 2011 at 6:31 p.m. UT

Crohn’s Disease
Homeopathy kept me away from 16 pills a day and a prognosis of “it’s gonna be a roller coaster, some ups and some downs, but these pills will help level it off” from my GI specialist when diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in my mid-teens. My father passed away suddenly and without delay my gut reacted. Then came an option — a professional homeopath worked alongside me and the results were nothing other than incredible. Since then, there is no doubt of the effectiveness of homeopathy to bring true cure and well-being in my life. I continue to work with Homeopaths and all complimentary professionals for lasting health.

- Adam Fiore, Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:42 pm UT

Labour Issues
Homeopathy has worked to treat my children’s fevers, prepare me for a natural childbirth and give me pain relief post partum (used nothing else after my 10-pound daughter) except homeopathic Arnica. It helped with my complete placenta previa and helped me with post partum insomnia.

- Tania, Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:54 pm UT

Stomach Pain
I came to homeopathy as a last resort. I have a hunch many people are converted that way… reluctant to try an alternative in the beginning, after all the attempts to take care of the problem by traditional western means [i.e., removal by surgery] have failed, and, [in my case, now minus a few 'insignificant' organs, such as my appendix and gall bladder] the problem [stomach pain] still persisted, I turned to homeopathy as a desperate measure for help. It didn’t turn around all at once. It took about a year. Most of us wouldn’t hang in there that long, so used are we to expecting a quick drug fix, but I felt there wasn’t another option. [I must say that Chinese acupuncture had an affect, but it was so expensive I couldn't afford to keep it up. Anyway, it didn't seem to have a lasting effect.] After a year of trying a few different remedies, my homeopath hit on the right thing. Suddenly I noticed that I had gone months without the pain that I had been experiencing daily. It was like a miracle. Hard to imagine that those innocuous little white pills, taken once or twice, would have such a powerful effect. But they did. Occasionally I get off balance, due to stresses in my life, and have to see my homeopath again. I’ve learned that it isn’t as simple as requesting the same remedy every time. It changes over time. And homeopathy always deals with the symptoms that are present in patients when they see them. Just because they gave you a remedy before for a problem doesn’t automatically mean they will simply give it to you again. Because the symptoms may have changed over time… maybe not by much, but enough that the remedy must be adjusted also. It is like a dance between your symptoms and the homeopath. I am lucky… I found a good one. The other good thing about homeopathy [as opposed to our traditional system] is that when I go to my doctor, I have about 15 minutes to tell him/her how I am feeling, and if I have multiple problems I have to choose which ones to talk about and then rebook an appointment to address my other complaints. With my homeopath, the first visit was like an inquisition… the recurring question was: ‘and what else?’ to the point where I began to describe my dreams and my relationships. In other words, homeopathy seeks a broader, more holistic picture of YOU… your body, mind and spirit are all inclusive. Two hours later they have a pretty good idea of who you are. In the olden days I think the general practitioner had a similar relationship with their patients. Of course, the GP was responsible for the health of the patient in general. Not like nowadays where the GP acts as a referral service to various specialists.

- Joey Mallett, Jan. 22, 2011 at 5:00 am UT

Lupus, and Feline Abandonment Issues
I have been a patient of homeopathy for over a year now. I have Lupus. I have been receiving help in a way that medicine really should be helping people and I will continue with that. I also am the proud owner of a beautiful cat that was abandoned by some one. Homeopathy has helped him tremendously both emotionally and with his physical probs. It was and continues to be a great help to him.

- Rosemary Madill, Jan. 25, 2011 at 12:52 am

Night Terrors
I have used homeopathy for many years for both myself and my children. I have several stories that I could tell about its successes but this would take too long. My most recent success is that my 7 year old son was treated for night terrors, he had been having nightmares every night for about 3 weeks. After two doses of a remedy prescribed by my homeopath Annie Hall the nightmares stopped immediately and he goes to bed and sleeps soundly all night. What I would like to say to people who may not believe it works as they have heard the negative comments from the conventional medical profession is; ‘give it a try, it’s completely safe. If they feel the benefit then great, spread the word and enjoy the fact that you may never have to take horrible drugs that cause you unwanted side effects ever again.’

- Alison Jessop, Jan. 27, 2011 at 11:25 am UT

Bone Spur, Tendinitis
I went to a Homeopath in Ontario last spring. I now rarely have pain in my shoulders. I also have full range of movement. I do still do 2 physio weight exercises. I had a bone spur in my right shoulder (MRI) & left shoulder I had tendinitis.

- Sandy, Feb. 3, 2011 at 11:59 pm UT

My five year old daughter had a corn on her foot, she was put on Thuja drops for seven days. During that week a crust formed on the soles of both her feet and day seven the crust and the corn fell off – never to reappear. It’s been 17 years.

- Andrea, Feb. 6, 2011 at 11:47 am UT

More Energy
Homeopathy has not only worked wonders for me when I’m sick or injured but it also gives that extra boost of energy. It works for my children and grandchildren as well as working wonders for the animals on my brother’s farm. I like that the only side effects are having more energy than before!

- Mary Stevens, Feb. 25, 2011 at 6:29 pm UT

Mastitis and Other Problems in Dairy Cows
Whilst homoeopathy has often worked for me, and my children, I’ve been more impressed with when it’s worked for my farm animals. Huge great beasts, with no idea about illness and remedies. Sure, they feel ill, but they have no idea that somebody is deciding what’s wrong and administering a simple homoeopathic remedy to put it right.

- Oliver Dowding, March 28, 2011 at 11:14 am UT

Colic, Post-natal Depression, Glue Ear, Anal Warts, Menstrual Cramps, Tonsillitis
Homeopathy has worked for my family for the last 11 years and is still working. These are a few of the more serious ailments which remedies have helped with. Colic - when my second child suffered so badly. Postnatal Depression – helping me through, rebalancing hormones. Glue ear - supporting my eldest who suffered glue ear until she was 12. Anal warts – cleared in a matter of two weeks when the doctors said it could be a couple of years. (This was my youngest who was only 2 at the time, and we as parents we suffered the “investigation” as at the time the doctor thought the only way she could have caught them was from being abused – we obviously hadn’t). Painful period cramps – alleviated Tonsillitis – eldest had reacurring tonsilitis every 5 weeks which we broke the cycle of by not using antibiotics and thus saved her having to have her tonsils removed. Let us all fight round the globe to be able to keep the practice of homeopathy legal, it is our human right to be able to choose to use it. My family would not be as healthy and as happy as they are now without it.

- Barbara Martin, March 31, 2011 at 9:32 am UT

I have been treated with homoeopathy many times over the the past 20 years. In one situation, the best the medical profession could do was to offer me a medication which had the possible side effect of blindness. I immediately saw a Homoeopath and the remedy helped me, with all symptoms gone within a few months. The symptoms came back again about one year later. I again I took the Homoeopathic medicine and the symptoms went. This probably happened about five times and the remedy worked each time. I have not had the symptoms for about 15 years now. I have seen my children treated with homoeopathic medicine again and again. I have seen their coughs at night settle with one or two doses of the appropriate remedy. It is a medicine we don’t understand fully but there are a lot of things we don’t understand in life.

- Michelle, May 19, 2011 at 4:54 am UT

Eczema, Hay Fever and More
I am a Biochemist and had been in research for 8 years. When I had my first child, I started investigating about vaccinations and it’s adverse effects. So after a few jabs, I decided to stop vaccinating my child. Then my daughter developed eczema. After failing to get proper care for her in mainstream medicine, I resorted to Homeopathy. The results were amazing! Then I got my husband interested and within months his hay fever was gone. Totally blown away with this experience, I quit my job and started studying Homeopathy. I had full Homeopathic care throughout my other two pregnancies and delivered happy healthy babies. I had remedies throughout my labour and afterwards as well. I didn’t take any medications at all. On my hospital form my GP put down Homeopathy used for analgesics. My children are not vaccinated and have never been on antibiotics. They haven’t had any ear infections, throat problems which so many other children seem to experience. Homeopathy is our main and only form of medication in our family.

- Shabina, May 20, 2011 at 6:26 am UT

Just a thank you (we’ll take it)
Hi everyone, thanks you for this website. We have used homeopathy (our family) for twenty or more years and have found at times amazing results. This just a thank-you, not a testimonial.

- Richard Giles, May 20, 2011 at 11:33 pm UT

Ross River Virus
My entire body was in pain and I could barely move, needed husband to help me. Had been this way for a few weeks, went to the doctor and had a blood test, positive for Ross River. Doctor said it might last for 6 to 18 months and there was no medication that would cure it and it would also come back years later, offered drugs to help with the pain, declined the offer. I consulted with the Homoeopath, the beautiful soul Maryanne, and within 48 hours of taking the remedies I was pain free and feeling light and energetic once more. This was about 6 years ago and it has never come back ! Also I have been using homoeopathy for many years to alleviate the effects of depression and anxiety. My son, 12 years of age, has not been vaccinated and experiences better health than his peers. Our homoeopath health care provider is exemplary and knows her stuff. Also, when I burn myself, I run hot water on it and the pain is gone within minutes. (wouldn’t do this with a child though, as it really really hurts for a few seconds before the pain goes.) Cheers.

- Veronica, May 21, 2011 at 7:07 pm UT

Tonsillitis, Skin Condition, Shingles, Glandular Fever
I have used homoeopathy from time time over the last thirty years particularly when my sons were small. The youngest one avoided having his tonsils removed after the GP told me if his tonsilitis continued this would be the outcome. The homoeopathic practitioner fixed that problem. The other one experienced a very itchy, painful face with swelling. Cause unknown, but within hours the pain and itching reduced markedly and by the next day, pain-free and reduced swelling. I, myself, suffered from shingles, another painful condition. By taking Rhus Tox as prescribed by a herbalist, I would be pain free within twenty minutes. My husband suffered Glandular Fever in his late fifties a few years back. Within one month of taking homoeopathic treatment, he was back to his old self. Usually this debilitating condition can take months and months to overcome. There are many other incidents over the years where homoeopathy has played its part in our family health regime. I support homoeopathy one hundred percent

- Helen, May 24, 2011 at 12:35 am UT

I have very successfully treated the onset of flu with homeopathy several times. When my children were little, I used homeopathic remedies regularly with excellent results.

- Nemi Nath, May 24, 2011 at 1:25 am UT

Infertility – Female
I was having a lot of difficulty conceiving my third child – was trying for months and months. I eventually realised after doing LH tests each month, that I was not ovulating at all. After several visits to my GP to see what might be wrong, and who was unable to give me any definite answers, I felt at a loss. I found a homeopath specialising in fertility. I read numerous testimonials on her website – she had cured decades long cases of infertility within 4 months, and with an 85% success rate. I had one consultation with her, she gave me about 5 different remedies – turns out I had a number of hormonal imbalances that had cropped up since the birth of my second child. Within 2 weeks the remedies worked, the LH test came up positive for the first time in months. I was pregnant in my next cycle. It cost me about $200 all up (half of which I was able to claim back on health insurance). I was amazed. And then I started thinking about all the poor women who stay on IVF for years, paying thousands of dollars, without any success, and with all the nasty side-effects. When I returned to my GP to confirm my pregnancy, I mentioned I had been to a homeopath and fallen pregnant straight away. The response I got was “well you would have fallen pregnant anyway”. Interesting.

- Linda, June 8, 2011 at 4:40 am UT

Respiratory Allergy
I am 62 years old. I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I come from a family of doctors. My grandfather was a doctor way back in 1898, his three sons were doctors, and now the immediate and the extended family has over 35 doctors trained and educated in America and the UK. I am driving home the point that with this family background and the achievements of allopathy highlighted continuously by the press and electronic media, I believed that the homeopathy was practiced by quacks and that cure was only available with allopathic doctors. Not till I developed an allergy for which the allopathic specialists did not have a cure did I realise how wrong I was. Two years back, I developed an allergy which had all the symptoms of a flu. When I got up in the morning my nose was clogged, I sneezed a million times, thereafter my nose was watery the sense of smell and taste vanished. During meals my nose secreted and while sleeping either my nose was clogged or the nasal secretion were responsible for waking me up three to four times a night. In short, I was miserable. I went to at least three or four ENT specialists who gave me many medicines which did have effects but very temporary. When I was convinced that the allopathic doctors did not have a cure, I went to Dr. Bashir A. Malik in Lahore. I told him that I was, since my childhood, made to believe that the homeopathic doctors used cortisone and requested him not to give me that steroid. Though the doctor was surprised at my request, he started giving me medicine. I was told by him that the treatment would take two years for a cure, and that I was to follow the medication religiously. He gave me medicine in form of small tablets, sweet in taste, which I was supposed to take three or four times a day. I thought that it was a funny situation when I, all my life, had taken medicines wrapped in aluminum foils and colourful boxes containing fine-printed literature, and here is this quack giving me tablets made of sugar with a few drops of alcohol poured on. I started the course and after a week when I visited the doctor again there was hardly any difference in my condition. The doctor put some drops on my tongue and gave me more medicine for another week. This carried on for a month. I had made myself understand that the time had to be given to this medicine. Well, a month after I started the medicine, I got up in the morning and could breathe through both nostrils and I realised that I’d had uninterrupted sleep that night. Well, that was the beginning for things to turn better, and nearly one year since I had my first tablet, I am much better. I can taste my food, I can smell the flowers, I can sleep uninterrupted, I sneeze, yes, but very few sneezes. In short I am much better. I wanted to share with everyone that homeopathy succeeded where allopathy failed. Homeopathic hospitals are non-existent, you must do something about it. The beauty of all this is that there are no side effects to homeopathic medicine. Thank you for reading this.

- Irfan Ahmed Aziz, Nov. 17, 2011 at 7:56 am UT

Hypoglycemia, Pustules
I was suffering from frequent attacks of hypoglycemia. I was also suffering from backache due to protrusion of the disc at the level of L4,5. Another problem was an eruption of small pustules at my face. I went to a homeopath in my area .  I tried the medicine and in the period of two months, two of my problems were absolutely solved. 1- Hypoglycemia 2- Pustules on my face As far as backache is concerned it was not effective to my satisfaction.

- Dr. Waqar Qureshi, Nov. 24, 2011 at 6:32 pm UT

Excessive Ear Discharge in Dogs
I would like to relate my experience from a few years ago. I had a beautiful standard poodle who suffered from ear wax problems—smelly, boot-polish-like substances—vet allopathic treatment for years of drops, washes, etc. until a vet suggested an operation to straighten the ear canal. On the way home from the vet’s, I passed a health shop with a sale of books and bought a small book, Homeopathy For Pets. It suggested Hepar Sulph. And after just one week of treatment, his ears were clear and stayed clear till the end of his life at 14 years old. I have since recommended this treatment to a friend with a cocker spaniel, with the same amazing results. This will work for animals who, let’s face it, won’t be psychosomatically persuaded. I hope this experience will help, if only just a small amount.

- Sally Orrin, Nov. 26, 2012 at 9:11 pm UT

Testimonials from

Testimonials for Gina Tyler DHom

I suffered from a number of issues for several years, both physical and emotional, including eczema, achilles tendonitis, intestinal pain, headaches, stuttering, depression, anxiety and irritability. Gina resolved all my issues within a few weeks with just a few remedies. She treated most of these issues several years ago and none of these have returned to any degree. She most recently addressed the depression, anxiety and irritability, all of which were were almost incapacitating, and she also completely resolved them, literally within a matter of weeks. I am very grateful to Gina and am now working on deeper issues with her, addressing longstanding side effects of antibiotics and vaccines to reverse the damage.

- M., Feb. 2013

My son, diagnosed with autism, had been suffering from violent, nearly daily headaches for nearly four years. When nothing else was able to help, Gina completely resolved the headaches with a single remedy, virtually in a matter of hours. We are now working to address the other issues that are affecting my son and am confident Gina will resolve these issues as efficiently as she helped with the headaches.

Thank you, Gina.

- B., Jan. 2013

50 Facts On Homeopathy
By Author Louise Mclean, LCCH MHMA.

Fact 1 - Hippocrates 'The Father of Medicine' of Ancient Greece said there were two Laws of Healing: The Law of Opposites and the Law of Similars. Homeopathy treats the patient with medicines using the Law of Similars, orthodox medicine uses the Law of Opposites, e.g. antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics.
Fact 2 - Homeopathic theories are based on fixed principles of the Laws of Nature which do not change -- unlike medical theories which are constantly changing!
Fact 3 - Homeopathy is an evidence-based, empirical medicine.
Fact 4 - Homeopathy is both an art and a science.
Fact 5 - The Homeopathic provings of medicines are a more scientific method of testing than the orthodox model.
Fact 6 - Homeopathic medicine awakens and stimulates the body's own curative powers. The potentized remedy acts as a catalyst to set healing into motion.
Fact 7 - Homeopathic medicines work by communicating a current/pattern/frequency of energy via the whole human body to jump start the body's own inherent healing mechanisms.
Fact 8 - Homeopathy assists the body to heal itself, to overcome an illness which brings the patient to a higher level of health. Orthodox medicine suppresses the illness, bringing the patient to a lower level of health.
Fact 9 - The homeopathic practitioner endeavours to search for and treat the cause of the disease in order to heal the effect.
Fact 10 - Outcomes of homeopathic treatment are measured by the long term curative effects of prescribing and complete eradication of the disease state.
Fact 11 - The homeopathic practitioner treats the whole person, believing all symptoms are interrelated and seeks to select a medicine which most closely covers them all.

Homeopathic Medicines

Fact 12 - Homeopathic remedies are cheap.
Fact 13 - Pharmaceutical medicines are expensive.
Fact 14 - There are more than 4,000 homeopathic medicines.
Fact 15 - Homeopathic medicines have no toxic side-effects.
Fact 16 - Homeopathic medicines are non-addictive.
Fact 17 - Every true homeopathic medicine is made using one substance -- whether plant, mineral, metal, etc. The exact substance is known, unlike most modern drugs where we are rarely informed of the ingredients.
Fact 18 - Any remedy up to a 12c or a 24x potency still contains the original molecules of the substance and this is known as Avogadro's number.
Fact 19 - Every Patient is Unique so homeopathic medicines are individualized.
Fact 20 - Homeopaths treat genetic illness, tracing its origins to 6 main genetic causes: Tuberculosis, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Psora (scabies), Cancer, Leprosy.
Fact 21 - Epidemics such as cholera and typhoid were treated successfully using homeopathy in the 19th century with very high success rates, compared to orthodox medicine ( .
Fact 22 - There are thousands of homeopathic books, available at specialist outlets, not sold in the high street.

Homeopathic Hospitals

Fact 23 - There are 5 homeopathic hospitals in the U.K. -- in London, Tunbridge Wells, Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow. They cost the NHS under £10 million a year compared to the £100 billion for the total annual NHS budget for 2008!
Fact 24 - At one of the earliest debates on the NHS Act of 1948 the Government pledged that homoeopathy would continue to be available on the NHS, as long as there were "patients wishing to receive it and doctors willing to provide it".
Fact 25 - There is a campaign by certain U.K. Professors to oust homeopathy completely from the NHS after they wrote on NHS headed paper to all Primary Care Trusts in 2006 telling managers not to refer patients to the homeopathic hospitals.
Fact 26 - The Homeopathic Hospitals are clean, with friendly, well informed staff. The patients are generally pleased with their treatment unlike many orthodox National Health Service hospitals.
Fact 27 - The chances of contracting MRSA or C. Difficile at a Homeopathic Hospital are extremely rare.
Fact 28 - Unlike orthodox medicine where two thirds of all conventional hospital admissions are due to the side-effects of pharmaceutical medicines, the bill for negligence claims soaring into billions, one U.K. leading insurance company reported only 'a couple' of claims against homeopaths in a ten year period!

Orthodox Medicine Opposing Homeopathy

Fact 29 - In the United States in the early 1900s there were 22 homeopathic medical schools and over 100 homeopathic hospitals, 60 orphanages and old people's homes and 1,000+ homeopathic pharmacies.
Fact 30 - Members of the American Medical Association had great animosity towards homeopathy after its formation in 1847 and it was decided to purge all local medical societies of physicians who were homeopaths.
Fact 31 - Big Pharma does not want the Public to find out how well homeopathy works!

Scientific Studies

Fact 32 - In 2005 the World Health Organisation brought out a draft report which showed homeopathy was beneficial causing Big Pharma to panic and The Lancet to bring out an editorial entitled 'The End of Homeopathy'.
Fact 33 - In 2005 The Lancet tried to destroy homeopathy but were only looking at 8 inconclusive trials out of 110 of which 102 were positive. This was a fraudulent analysis. "The meta-analysis at the centre of the controversy is based on 110 placebo-controlled clinical trials of homeopathy and 110 clinical trials of allopathy (conventional medicine), which are said to be matched. These were reduced to 21 trials of homeopathy and 9 of conventional medicine of 'higher quality' and further reduced to 8 and 6 trials, respectively, which were 'larger, higher quality'. The final analysis which concluded that 'the clinical effects of homoeopathy are placebo effects' was based on just the eight 'larger, higher quality' clinical trials of homeopathy. The Lancet's press release did not mention this, instead giving the impression that the conclusions were based on all 110 trials." (
Fact 34 - There have been many clinical trials that prove homeopathy works. In the past 24 years there have been more than 180 controlled, and 118 randomized, trials into homeopathy, which were analysed by four separate meta-analyses. In each case, the researchers concluded that the benefits of homeopathy went far beyond that which could be explained purely by the placebo effect.
Fact 35 - The Bristol Homeopathic Hospital carried out a study published in November 2005 of 6500 patients receiving homeopathic treatment. There was an overall improvement in health of 70% of them ( .
Fact 36 - Homeopathy can never be properly tested through double blind randomised trials because each prescription is individualised as every patient is unique. Therefore 10 people with arthritis, for example, may all need a different homeopathic medicine.
Fact 37 - Homeopathic medicines are not tested on animals.
Fact 38 - Homeopathic medicines work even better on animals and babies than on adults, proving this cannot be placebo.
Fact 39 - Scientists agree that if and when homeopathy is accepted by the scientific community it will turn established science on its head.

Homeopathic Practitioners

Fact 40 - Homeopathic Practitioners train for 4 years in Anatomy and Physiology, as well as Pathology and Disease, Materia Medica, Homeopathic Philosophy and study of the Homeopathic Repertory.
Fact 41 - Most homeopaths treat patients who have been referred to them by word of mouth. Most patients seek out homeopathy because conventional treatment has not benefited them or because it poses too great a risk of side-effects.
Fact 42 - The homeopathic community has thousands, even millions, of written case notes that demonstrate the positive benefits of their treatment. Some homeopaths have video proof of their patients before and after treatment.
Fact 43 - Homeopaths charge patients an average of £50 an hour. Specialist Doctors can charge up to £200 or more.

Popularity of Homeopathy

Fact 44 - The popularity of homeopathy has grown in the past 30 years, its revival entirely through word of mouth and estimated to be growing at more than 20% a year the world over.
Fact 45 - Hundreds of famous people throughout the past 200 years have enjoyed the benefits of homeopathic medicine ( .
Fact 46 - The aristocratic patronage of homeopathy in the U.K. extended well into the 1940s and beyond can be easily demonstrated. In the Homeopathic Medical Directories there are lists of patrons of the dispensaries and hospitals. They read like an extract from Burke's or Debrett's.
Fact 47 - The Royal Families of Europe use homeopathic medicine and Queen Elizabeth II of England never travels anywhere without her homeopathic vials of medicine.
Fact 48 - Homeopathy is practised nowadays in countries all over the world. In India there are 100 homeopathic medical schools and around 250,000 homeopathic doctors.
Fact 49 - In a recent Global TGI survey where people were asked whether they trust homeopathy the following percentages of people living in urban areas said YES: 62% in India, 58% Brazil, 53% Saudi Arabia, Chile 49%, United Arab Emirates 49%, France 40%, South Africa 35%, Russia 28%, Germany 27%, Argentina 25%, Hungary 25%, USA 18%, UK 15% (
Fact 50 - The media as a whole has been unwilling to air a defence of the efficacy of homeopathy and the validity of this 250 year old profession.

Miasms - Understanding the Roots of Disease
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

The symbol "<" means "worse from"
The symbol ">" means "better from"

In Hahnemann's words ,"the true natural chronic diseases are those that arise from a chronic miasm, when left to themselves, improper treatment, go on to increase, growing worse and torment the patient to the end of his life." - 78 Organon

Hahnemann spent 12 years of his life investigating miasms, collecting proof these findings going unnoticed by others in the medical professions, "the chronic diseases" was written. He describes how using antipsoric medicines used on the psora miasm would enable a practitioner to cure effectively.

The conditions that would modify a miasm in a persons body would be things like, climate and peculiar and physical character of the person it is in, mental delays, excesses, or abuses in life, in diet passions, habits and various customs.

The medical profession (allopathic doctors) have put names on various diseases such as, jaundice, dropsy, leucorrhoea, hemorrhoids, eczema, asthma, lysteria, rheumatism, herpes, mania to name a few. Hahnemann considers all these based from the same beginnings. The medical profession treats each one on an individual basis with each a medical treatment. All these names have no use and no influence on the practice of the true physician.

Only the totality of the signs of the individual state of each particular patient is used to cure the disease. So no real cure of miasms can take place without a strict particular treatment (individualization) of each case of disease. A difference between acute and chronic disease. Acute meaning starting suddenly, lasting for only a short amount of time. Chronic, a slow progression of imbalances being treated by allopathic suppressive medicines turning into further and further complications as the disease lasts and goes deeper into the human mind and physical body, even years go by without let-up. Chronic miasms are very hidden, the symptoms are much more difficult to be ascertained. Lots of questions need to be asked to trace the picture of disease. Questions about the history of one's family, mental delusions, dreams, peculiar symptoms.

The miasms are: psora, sychosis, syphillis, and tuburcular. Psora, the mother of all diseases goes back the farthest in human history. Psora or "itch" is the monstrous internal chronic miasm, the only real fundamental cause and producer of all the other numerous forms of disease. (more on psora)

Diseases with such allopathic names as: Convulsions, mania, imbecility,
madness, epilepsy, scoliosis, cancer, gout, hemorrhage from nose, lungs,
bladder, asthma, impotence, deafness, urinary calculus, defects of the senses and pains of thousands of kinds. Psora has passed on through hundreds of generations of people and has produced an innumerable variety of defects, injuries, derangements, and sufferings

Physical expressions of the miasms

The mind and body work together as a unit and the disturbances are
expressed in both spheres.

Personality types General Nature of the Miasm Dermatological Symptoms of the Miasms Pains Of Miasms Miasmetic Clinicals

The inheritance of the miasms is not genetic and actually takes place because the "vital force" of parents is tainted by such states. As observed with mother and father at time of conception. Miasms are seen to be transmitted to the offspring. It is not the pathology which shows the miasm but the state. The characteristics in that individual, keeping with the mental and physical state. The three together reflect the miasm. The mental = delusion and the physical = type of reaction. A disease state is usually a combination of miasms with it's main focus on one miasm,. It is important to percieve each miasmatic state of the remedy, in order to understand the disease state, because then we become aware of how a person perceives and react to his surroundings, how he perceives himself and how he reacts when things became unmanageable and stressful. We need to understand the remedy as how it's related to the miasm. This understanding comes from study of the symptoms both physical and mental. The understanding of the mental delusions of a particular miasm in a remedy. The delusion of that remedy must lie in that particular miasm.

Example: Arsenic (syphlitic) despair of recovery, suicidal disposition, weakness, feels unloved, insecure
Arsenic (psoric) "delusion sees theives"
Arsenic (sycotic) cannot trust people, obsessive, compulsive

There are only a few remedies that belong to one miasm : psora - psorinum, sycosis- medorrhinum, syphilis- syphilinum. To study one remedy "syphlinum" is to study a syphlitic miasm. Or a syphillis characteristic.

Rubics- antisocial, abusive, indifferent to the future, hopeless despair of recovery, desperation, his efforts are lost of no use. The situation is beyond his capacity to salvage it, manic tendencies, manic religiousness,Manic washing hands, yet hopeless so compensates into antisocial behavior. "I don't care" attitude, mind goes slow/ paralyzed, desire to kill, all fascists, all anarchists and exploiters in history are the product of the syphlitic miasm, Napoleon, Chritopher Columbus, Aedie Amin, Hitler. Will reguard appropriate both the death of an individual, or an atom bomb explosion over an entire town. The pathologies are concerned with destruction, ulceration, poor reaction, it's as if the body and mind decided to destroy itself because it sees no hope. Syphilis itself is a taint which slowly destroys, with a difficult death. Syphilis in a mother's body shows itself in forms of habitual abortions. The fetus is already in a process of self-destruction. "I wish I had never been born". Once we can understand the miasmatic element in a person we can see the out come of the case with certainty.

Why is it necessary for a homeopath to know the chronic miasms? Some might say as long as one prescribes according to the law of similia he cures his cases. The important factor here is "so long as he selects the most similar remedy as possible." The fact is, we cannot select the most similar remedy possible unless we understand the phenomena of the acting miasm.
The true similia is always based on the existing miasm. It makes the difference between fighting the disease in the dark and in bright light when one knows the underlying principle that fathers the phenomena. If one has no knowledge of the laws of action and reaction, how can we watch the progress of a case without a definite knowledge of the disease forces (miasms) with their mysterious and persistant progressions. So, if we can know nothing aboutthe traits and characteristics of our enemy, it's impossible to wage war against the disease.

Theses things Hahnemann wrote about in his theory of disease. The physician skilled in anti-miasmatic prescribing dips deeper into the case and applies an agent that has a deeper and closer relationship with the prevented life force. The results are always better. "The suffering of the immediate vital principle which animates the interior of our bodies, when it is morbidly disturbed, produces symptoms in the organism that are manifest"----Organon

A knowledge of all miasmatic phenomena would be a complete knowledge of all that is known as disease. Hahnemann discovered the miasms due to the fact these ailments kept coming back, year after year. Even with the correct remedy given, still no permanent cure. Hahnemann's proof of the existence was the persistency of these chronic diseases considering, diet, hygiene, health still a come-back in the disease constantly repeating itself. They seem to come from within the organism itself, from some peculiar dynamis within,from something that was deranged. Within the life-force itself, inherent, internal, pre-existing within the dynamis. Hahnemann wrote in a footnote in "chronic diseases" about the third book of Moses (Leviticus) where the word psora is mentioned, given to eruptive diseases. The miasms run through our history from the beginnings. (Greek = psora = itch).

When complicated suppressive drugs came about, the psora also became complicated. Drugs such as arsenic, quinine, mercury used to suppress ailments became used more frequently. Soon a more malignant manifestation presented itself in forms of epidemics. When a suppression took place in an organism with two or more miasms present, all conditions magnified and intensified.

Bibliography: Organon 5th and 6th edition - HahnemannThe Substance Of Homeopathy -Sankeran Miasmatic Diagnosis-S. K. BanerjeaThe Chronic Miasms And Pseudo Psora ---J.H.Allen

Kentian Philosophy (on homeopathy)
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

Compare and Contrast Suppression, palliation, and susceptibility Suppression or palliation of disease, is the removal of the external symptoms of disease by external, mechanical, chemical, or topical treatment, or by many means of powerful drugs, given internally in massive doses, this having a toxic effect but no true, curative action.

Any suppressed disease gets worse after this treatment. Temporary relief of the organism brings on damage to vital organs leading to death.

The orifices in our body are meant to release toxins: the nose has discharges, eyes water, throat coughing, anus bowel movements, and the bladder urination. And the largest elimination organ our skin, releases sweat and impurities. If all of these are blocked, toxins stay in the body. Allopathy encourages this by its suppressive medications. It's normal to see a cough suppressant or anti-perspirant or sinus medication to stop a runny nose in this modern world.

An inhibition of a physiological phenomena, or removal of a diseased manifestation before the disease itself is cured, is call suppression.
Vital organs are effected from use of suppressive medication. Removal of a skin symptom will not cure by means of surgery or topical ointment. After the skin symptom has been suppressed, its new symptom will appear in another form. Example: eczema = asthma.

Two types of suppression:

1) Natural - Examples: inhibited suppressed fear, anger, shock, disappointment, and exposure to excess heat and cold.
2) Artificial - Examples: by use of allopathic treatments, skin topical ointment use, suppression of natural secretions, removal of organs.

The reason for this is due to the energy transforming itself to another area; energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

Skin symptoms are dispelled with relief by means of some topical solution. Yet years later, a vital organ has trauma, yes it's related…the virus has turned within itself and waited until the right moment to weaken a favorite organ deep in the body.

In the following cases, suppression of the first symptom will lead to the second symptom:
Eczema = asthma
Foot sweat = headaches
Ear discharge = facial neuralgia
Leucorrhoeal discharge = abdominal pain

Emotional suppressions will lead to physical problems. When it's treated with homeopathic medicine, the focus is on the "cure" and origin of cause, the return of all suppressed manifestations appear. This is a must. It is a sign that the law of cure is taking place.

The relation between physical and mental states have been recorded as such:
Asthma = schizophrenia
Ulcerative colitis = psychotic depression
Cardiac neurosis = acute anxiety state

The constitutional remedy is needed to reach deep into the vital force even with local skin symptoms any other form of local therapy acts suppressive.

1) Natural suppression -
Functions of the body inhibited. Examples:
Amenorrhoea from fear; pyrexia from suppression of sweat; and insanity from suppression of grief.

2) Artificial suppression -
Removal of surface manifestations continues treatments of suppressions.

Baby - suppr. itch eruptions or rashes
Child - eczema suppr.
Teen - psoriasis suppr.
Adult - suppr. of skin cancer

If persisted and continued, it keeps causing problems in deeper vital organs.
A) Use of opium to rid cough - leads to chronic cough, fever, night sweats.
B) Diarrhea suppressed - leads to constipation, fever, and delirium.
C) Use of aspirin to rid pain - exaggerated manifestations in vital organs.
D) Supp. of secretions - waste and toxins go to organs.
E) Surgical removal like tonsils does not cure but weakens the vital energy.

Treatment to cure:
Symptomatic totality. Take history of patient before suppression even if it is 30 - 40 years ago.

We can make a patient more comfortable by the art of palliation by use of a well - selected homeopathic remedy. Possible and permissible sometimes.
There is a right way and a wrong way to palliate. The wrong way can lead to metastasis to more important organs. This can lead to further complications.
The right kind of palliation is curative as far as it goes, cure is impossible because cure has passed beyond the curable stage.

When death is near and something quick has to be done, a gradual stimulation of the vital organs is possible; no disease will be removed on cured in this matter. In exceptional cases palliation is used as an anaesthetic. Palliation is a temporary relief of a symptom before the disease is cured.

A = palliation by homeopathy
B = palliation by other means

A. By homeopathy- the use of the laws of similia are also used in palliation of incurable diseases. This holds a permanent "hope" for the patient. Patient can be made comfortable. Will relieve the agony of death.

B. By other means- Allowed only in time of danger of death where homeopathy does not have time to work. In accidents, in poisonings, and with euthanasia.

In incurable diseases, too much palliation makes the disease more incurable due to it becoming suppressive in manner.

The bad effects of a disease are not removed with palliation.


The general capability of the organism to receive impressions, the power to react. The cure of disease depends upon the power of the organism to react to impression of the curative remedy.

The degree of susceptibility depends on the physician, how he can modify susceptibility is the basis of the art of the physician.

The organism is more susceptible to similar stimuli than to dissimilar stimuli, the "simillimum" or equal. A sick organism is more susceptible to similar medicine than the healthy organism. It follows the states of increase, diminish or destroy.

Morbid susceptibility can be regarded negative or a state of lowered resistance. Example: Two people can contact the same disease, but due to different susceptibility of each person, one will be effected and get sick, the other may not be affected.

Nothing should be done to weaken our susceptibility because it's our most valuable asset. Habit and the environment modify susceptibility. People who work outside and sleep little eat fatty food are less susceptible. People who work in perfume factories are under the influence of drugs. Druggists, and chemical workers posses little susceptibility to medicine and require low potencies.

The deaf and dumb have a low degree of susceptibility. And those that are used to taking many prescriptions of allopathic medicine, herbs, vitamins, etc. require a high potency due to their susceptibility.

What Homeopathic potency should I take?
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

There is a difference in the action of the various potencies of homeopathic remedies. Some of the higher potencies are best to the experienced
practitioner. In reality the entire series of potency needs to be used by
only those that do their homework first. (Before taking anything) If one
confines himself to only the low potency's ( 3x,6x,9x,3c,6c,9c ) he is
limiting himself.

It is unreasonable to expect to handle all problems with one or two
potencies. The selection of the correct potency is just as important as the
remedy itself. The remedy will fail if the wrong potency is used.


The entire series of potency has been compared to the music scales. Guernsey said "A skillful artist may construct a harmony with various vibrations of the same cord but by the use of a proper combination of all sounds a more beautiful and perfect harmony might be constructed ".

To explain; any illness may be tackled by any potency but when the correct indicated potency is administered the cure may be accelerated and permanent.


Mother tincture, 1x, 3x, 3c, 6x, 6c, 9x, 9c, 12x, 12c, 200c, 1m, 10m, 50m, LM

When starting a remedy we must use first the lowest potency, then work our way up, jumping on each note. Like in music-gradually going up the harmonious scale.


  1. the susceptibility of the person
  2. the seat of the disease (mind, emotion, physical)
  3. the nature and intensity of the disease
  4. the stage and duration of the disease
  5. the previous treatments
  6. the age of a person
  7. the constitution and temperament of a person
  8. the habits of a person
  9. the pathological conditions

When it comes to emotions and mind symptoms the high potency is effective, and lower used for physical symptoms, like sore muscles, bruising, acute injuries. Medium for the organs.

Provided that the selection of the remedy is Homeopathically correct the law of the least action appears to be an essential compliment to the homeopathic law of Similars. Meaning the potencies are diluted so making the remedies "act" different than herbs in their physical form.

By the homeopathic practice of "dilution" even substances that are normally harmful like belladonna are rendered harmless and are transformed into healing remedies. Crude minerals that are inactive become active and effective for healing the ill. By reducing the "strength" of the Material Mass, by dilution and potentisation you end up with a substance with an increased curative power, setting free the powers previously latent.

HOMEOPATHIC POTENTIATION is a physical process by which the dynamic energy latent in crude substances is liberated, developed and modified for use as medicine, and depriving it of its destructive or toxic actions.

Comments are made by allopathic doctors that the remedies are so diluted that your left with only sugar pills. THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG. There are things beyond our senses, I am talking about energy (dynamic energy) the Chinese call it CHI, the Hindus call it PRANA, homeopaths call it the VITAL FORCE. Inherited in all living things. From this concept stems the dynamic theory of disease, "Hahnemann said that disease is a dynamically disturbance of the vital principal". (Vital force)

Psychosomatics in Homeopathy
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

For thousands of years, various cultures have known the connection of the mind and the body; that illness and disease originate not only from external chemical toxins, but from the traumas within the emotional and mental states.

Modern medicine has relied on suppressive mood altering drugs to combat the extremes to allow humans to be "perfectly flawless" in society. This includes the suppression of anger, grief, fears, hyperactivity, melancholy, obsessions, sexual urges, depression, mood swings, etc.. What if these suppressions were causing the illness, as we find with simple suppressions of a bad cough or fever? If the avenues of elimination are blocked we suffer the secondary consequences. We logically think of our bowel movements, urine, sweat, mucous, and tears as toxins that are abundant in an illness needing to be eliminated (so we eliminate them; modern medicine has found a way to suppress these symptoms).

Thinking about the person as a whole; meaning the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual states, is a method used by many ancient cultures. Why have we strayed away from this thinking? Because "science" cannot do a double blind study? Because allopathic doctors have no time for all this soul searching (what can you accomplish in a 5 - 10 min. doctor visit)?

This is where homeopathy has made a small dent in the massive scheme of things. Homeopathy looks at disease from the point of the baby's conception, and before birth, and the patterns of inherited genetics. And not only at the present illness, but the complications prior to the onset or "cause" of the illness or imbalance.

The psychosomatic aspect forms a portrait of the illness or disease. By using the homeopathic materia medica, pieces of a huge puzzle start fitting together. This is why homeopaths spend 1-2 hours on the first visit with each patient. Not only is the illness of importance, but the temperament, likes and dislikes, cravings, dreams, habits, fears, peculiarities, childhood traumas, appetite, and of course, the objective observations such as body language, how the patient smells, their energy, and their "chi" or "prana"
(vital force). "Disease" is a disturbance of this vital force -- an imbalance.

The body has always been able to heal itself by building up it's immune system and it's vital force. Herbs can detox the physical body and physical manipulations, meditation, yoga, and chiropractors can realign the energy flow that is blocked. Yet none come close to the healing powers of homeopathy, reaching into the depths of traumatic toxins not released for decades.

You might think that if homeopathy has such great force, what are the side-effects? As we all know in modern allopathic medicine, each prescription drug has pages of dangerous side-effects. From aspirin (which causes excessive bleeding) to drugs that induce sexual functions (causing heart attacks).

Homeopathy has no side effects. When it works, it awakens the imbalanced vibrational force through dynamic energy. So, when a person comes down with chronic stomach problems, or chronic headaches, and they have already been to several doctors, had tests after tests, x-rays, taken drugs to help the pain, yet still have no answers, there must be another avenue of escape. It is
obvious to a classical homeopath, after taking their case, that the illness is related to a psychosomatic history. These do not show up to an "allopath" on a physical level.

The phenomenon of the mind when it comes to disease (or illness) is baffling. A homeopath finds out soon enough that treatments with remedies eventually fail if only the physical ailments are addressed. One hundred people can have sinusitis and each person must be looked at as an individual that has a history of imbalance. So, each will need a completely different remedy.

It is the trademark personality (or constitution) that signals the homeopath; the mental state and it's traumas, the disposition of the mind, and it's subconscious acts; to the individuals state of being.

If you really look deep into each person, opening up their life like a book, turning each page one at a time, unfolding the layers of suppression, deception, and survival mechanisms; then you will finally find a matching homeopathic remedy.

To not properly address these would mean no cure. Yes, a homeopath or allopath may "palliate" an illness or pain, but this never comes close to regressing the origin of imbalance. Psychosomatic illness is stored in memory. Even though the physical body externally might be perceived as balanced, beautiful, or put together, there is an ongoing festering volcano waiting to boil over inside the mind.

Allopathic mood altering drugs will suppress these urges from ever surfacing but they do not "cure" the imbalance and turmoil.

1. In some cases chemical toxins have caused this imbalance, such as vaccinations. Vaccines given to a child can cause extreme havoc to the brain (violent seizures, ADD, ADHD, hyperactivity, learning disorders, violence, chronic illnesses, immune
deficiencies, respiratory problems, and death). ( for more info).

To give the child anti-seizure medication suppresses the convulsions, but does not address the cause of the convulsions. Homeopathy can remove these toxins permanently. When a child has ADHD, ADD, or hyperactivity, prozac and ritalin are prescribed. Thousands of children are turning into zombies and making the drug companies filthy rich. Does it help? NO! The cause is due to a "chemical toxin" like vaccines or aspartame (in nutra-sweet, equal, and
diet sodas). More info from

These toxins are extremely deadly yet the doctors and the FDA allow the use of them. Why? Think about it ... greed and money...billions of dollars are made from this vicious circle of chemical toxins. Brainwashing every parent into thinking that the safety standards are looking out for their child's welfare.

2. With the other cases it is severe trauma as a child. Abuse, molestation, abandonment, and grief, keeping it all suppressed, secrets, deceit, denial...all of these kept inside, locked away for no one to see. The body does remember no matter what survival mechanism is used, causing extreme stress and turmoil within the emotional and mental states. Wait long enough, and you have the physical illness that mirrors these states.

A person can live in denial forever and get used to the situation, allowing the imbalance to grow into a multi-headed monster within, slowly affecting all their relationships, reacting with mistrust, jealousy, suspicions, depression, panic, fear, anger, irritability, violence, and suicide. Nothing makes sense but the "onset", the "cause" of the original problem. This is what classical homeopathy looks at: the psychosomatics behind all illness. Disease imparts blockades within the life force. Restricting the flow of life, living in a delusional state of "darkness". This darkness needs to become light, when you fill yourself with knowledge and the state of awareness, the delusions will vanish. This in turn will conquer the physical ailments of a particular disease. The chronic pains, cysts, hair loss, obesity, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, acne, and back pain
will disappear.

There is no way to stop or destroy energy, you can only redirect it or block it. The energy "inside" vibrates like a matching homeopathic remedy. To cure by dynamics means to cure "pure consciousness".

Homeopathy is based on "nature's law of cure". For a classical homeopath to take a case, it is not merely the asking of several questions that matters, it is the observations, to feel what the patient feels, to become that person, to step into their shoes and to find the "disposition" of the patient.

Homeopathy and Radiaesthesia
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

The Mystery Of Morphogenesis: How the Actual Forms of Living Things Come Into Being

What controls the homeostatic principle of life? What force animates matter? To be "alive", what does that mean? What are these invisible forces? These questions have always been debated. Can we find the mysteries of life under a microscope? For instance, health and disease have been 100% misdiagnosed by modern allopathic MDs, looking with their noses under their microscopes. Viruses, bacteria, cell destruction, atom and gene manipulations are all tackled with a limited perspective. A world full of linear and analytical thinking.

There is a bioenergetic phenomenon of inter-connected forces mentioned in "the Tao of Physics". An interface between quantum physics and the ancient cosmology of the Chinese ying/yang. This interaction of western and eastern cultures brings us to how this bioenergetic field relates to all living matter. Modern science has somewhat caught up to these mystic forces, having to acount for unexplained energies.

Human knowledge is limited and efforts are made to unravel the mysteries of nature, including the healing arts. In India's ayurveda, there is a system based on Sankhya that deals with dualism; two realities called prakriti and purusa. Disturbances can occur in this equillibrium. As Hahnemann said in the Organon of Medicine - "It is the morbidly affected vital force that produces disease."

Homeopathy is a method of healing the mind, body, and soul via means of energy. The homeopathic remedies resonate various frequencies of vibrational energy (bioenergy). Allopathy is a purely physical application of treatments. This limits its span, depth, and level of interaction, such as: inherited traits, past trauma, dream states, internal spiritual conflicts, miasmatic imprints and emotional imbalances.

Homeopathy is thought to be only a placebo; modern machinery cannot measure the contents of a homeopathic remedy, for instance: belladona 200c is harmless and has no side effects and yet the physical properties of the fresh belladona herb are a few of the most deadly toxins on earth. By the succusion methods of prepairing homeopathic remedies, other vibrational levels are reached. There are vibrational levels in all organic life forces. A homeopath, Dr. Grimmer, remarks, "there is something beyond all the material things we see around us. Homeopathy reaches up into other planes; mental and spiritual. That is why it cures. That is why it can wipe out inherited conditions."

"In the state of health the spirit like vital force (dynamis) animating the material organism reigns in supreme sovereignty."- Quote from Samuel Hahnemann -"The Organon".

Radiaesthesia goes one step further. This subject has always caught my attention. Starting with the place I was born in Java, Indonesia. Many medicine men and shamans were called upon for healing. These healing extraordinary powers of super energy surges, being able to have effects on others without being present in the same room or the same town. Via meditation this energy can be accessed by these experienced healers.

No special tools, no harmful prescription drugs, only the transfer of energy. This also has been used in negative ways, such as the methods of voodoo in Haiti, which were made from the hair of the person that was to be affected. Radiaesthesia needs no meditation, no spells, no shamans with magical powers, but it works on the same level. Homeopathic radiaesthesia must be done by an experienced homeopath. The patient must be asked the same tedious questions sometimes taking up to 2 hours each case. Questions regard their physical ailments, it's symptoms, modalities, mental, emotional, sleep states, dreams, eating likes and dislikes, traumas, family disease history, sexual habits, inherited traits (miasms), fears, and of course the objective observance of the patient (physical characteristics, nervous habits, odors, facial notations, tongue and nail, diagnosis, etc.).

After the entire case has been researched then the constitutional remedy can be found. From this constitutional remedy it's satelite remedies compliment and the patients miasmatic pre disposed background appears. Radiaesthesia uses the patients own hair to transmit the energy from one location to another. (Photographs or finger nails can also be used.)

As in ancient cultures hair and nails were considered the same as the person it came from, holding the same aura and vibrational patterns. American Indians are cautious about having their photos taken due to the belief that ones soul is now partly in the picture. How does a homeopathic treatment given on a photograph reach the owner? There is no difference between a photograph and the person, the frequency (wave length) of energy in its aura is the same. (The same applies to a person's signature.) Some can see these auras and most of us cannot. Auras change colors when a person is ill from an emotional or physical disease.

American Indians of many tribes still to this day have the belief that part of them is in the photo when it is taken of them. It's thought to be a mere superstition. Yet these Indians have had this "knowledge" for thousands of years. How did they come across this information? By ancestors? By trance? In Princeton University 1951, Curtis Upton, a civil engineer, and Howard Armstrong industrial chemist did many studies on the use of photographs and agriculture to control pests.

The theory behind the system was so bizarre, they said that the molecular and atomic make up on the photograph would resonate at identical frequencies of the objects that they represented pictorially. So by affecting the photograph with pesticides they believed the actual plants would be poisoned. (Used in infintesimal doses like homeopathy.) And it worked.

All of this may sound farfetched, but it has all been tested on many cases. B.Jain Publishers located in New Delhi has lists of examples of cured cases of cancer, abnormal lumps in abdomen, leprosy, rheumatic fever, epilepsy, uterine hemorrhage, high blood pressure, asthma, polio, heart palpitations, etc.. Most of these recorded cases of homeopathic radiaesthesia were done from 1969 thru 1972.

In most of these recorded cases, instant results appeared (4-10 minutes). A reaction of some sorts to confirm the correct remedy and/or correct potency of this remedy.

Homeopaths will agree that to find the correct potency requires study and time of trial and error. So the theory and mechanism of radiaesthesia via hair transmission proves beneficial confirming the potency and/or remedy choice instantly to follow up with future oral dosing of that same formula.

In the first stages of my study on hair tranmissions using homeopathy years ago, I used my son as an experiment, wanting to see for myself if this all really works. To keep it simple, I used my son's acute symptom of epistaxis (bleeding from the nose).

From previous homeopathic dosing, I already knew what remedy to give him to stop the bleeding. I proceeded to pluck one hair, with the root, from his head, placing it in a small dish with a few drops of water and the homeopathic indicated remedy (root end in the solution). All the while he was in another room. I noticed an immediate response from him yelling, "My nose stopped bleeding!". I made a notation of the fact and then I continued to try it in reverse (which is not normally done), taking the hair out of the solution and cleaning it off.

He immediately started to panick and blood proceded once again. Normally a homeopath would give an oral dose immediately after confirmation of radiaesthesia hair transmission to continue the healing process.

Ancient approaches of balancing energy... the Chinese call it ch'i, the Hindus call it prana, homeopaths and quantum physics call it vital force.

  1. Low frequency electromagnetic field.
  2. Nonelectrical subtle energy field (ch'i - the universal life energy).

Disharmony can happen at any level beyond the physical, such as in the etheric, astral, and mental levels. For example: the astral body experiences expression and repression of emotion. This dysfunction can cause an imbalance in the physical body (illness).

Consciousness is a type of energy. Using insight to reach higher frequencies, it can interact with its environment in several dimensions. (including in its dream state.) Modern allopaths do not address multidimensional humans (only the physical). This is why forms of energy healing such as accupuncture, reiki, balancing of chakras, prayer, chanting, and now homeopathy are looked upon as a rebalancing of blocked energy instead of surpressing via invasive surgery and toxic drugs.

An illness is also looked at from another perspective such as a life style change, a transformation to move our consciouness, or a learning tool/gift.

To be threatened by a terminal disease, one taps into negative and positive energy. One can escalate fear, then death. The other , peace and healing.

As I observed in India, the homeopathic cancer patients are never told that they have the disease. Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

Homeopathy works on all of these subtle levels, most of which we do not understand. My favorite experiment is that of my own solution for car motion sickness. Over an over I have personally experienced an instant relief of headache and nausea by just holding a homeopathic remedy in my left hand. For the acute illness motion sickness there is no need to swallow pills.

Radiaesthesia can also be done with color therapy, gem therapy, and magnetic therapy. These are all forms of vibrational energy. In 1967, Dr. Bhattacharya of Calcutta, a homeopath from India, did extensive research on these other forms of radiaesthesia. Using photographs, he said, "Stop and think... realize we all are actually an individual with no replica on this entire earth. This is indisputable, thus a photo bears all his personal characteristics."

Every living being is radiating at a particular frequency. That is why their features are different from another person. This frequency does not change throughout his life, from young, to old. That is why when several people have the same illness, several individual remedies must be given according to their own separate vibrational identity.

In allopathy the same prescription drug is given to thousands with like illness. This makes no sense unless we as humans were all "indentical in everyway". And we know this is false. Nature heals with a minimum of matter, yet with maximum effect. Nature uses subtler forces to reach our energy fields and our energy body. Curing did not mean the mere treating of the visible body.

The Mystical Properties of Hair:The relationship between separated hair and the body. Ritual shaving of a child's hair...Why some cultures place hair in a sacred place... An imbalance of any illness shows in the hair itself. For instance: a homeopath can look at Alopecia Areatta and relate this to the syphlitic miasm. Placing human hair in any garden keeps away the neighborhood cats. Animals feel the presence of the owners via the The Chinese burn human hair into an ash to stop bleeding. It works, but why and how?

In some cultures hair from all family members are used to create intertwined art pieces as keepsakes for bonding purposes. As long as the owner of the hair itself is still alive, the hair obtained for transmission purpose has all its energetic properties needed.

Kirlian photographs show the same auric field in attached or detached hair, nails, and limbs of any human being. These photos take pictures of the aura, corona discharge, or prana, all are one and the same.

The Essence of a "Sulphur" Constitutional Type
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

The mental, emotional, and physical make-up of a "sulphur" is discussed in this article (sulphur: sol = sun, ferre = to carry). When a trained classical homeopath helps a person with an illness, they normally look for signs of the patients "constitutional remedy". What is a constitutional remedy?

From the time of conception you take into consideration the inherited traits from your parents and ancestors. Not only physical traits, but disease imprints, and mental, spiritual, and emotional traits. Trauma is inherited not only during conception but via the fetus forming. So, it is the totality of all symptoms of the patient; this makes one's constitution. To match this constitutional type with a homeopathic remedy that is similar in "personality" is a difficult task. Sometimes it may be obvious, but not always. (There are thousands of homeopathic remedies that have specific personalities.) The patients obvious traits are sometimes tainted by miasmatic layers of a chronic disease. These need to be homeopathicaly removed (like peeling an onion layer by layer). Out of the thousands to choose from, sulphur is the most extreme in intellectual abilities. Sulphur patients have unusualy gifted mental abilities from the day they are born. Some sulphurs are: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Samuel Hahnemann, Abraham Lincoln, and Socrates.

Among our great leaders, inventors, scientists, gurus, and mathematicians, there have been many sulphurs. The scholar, the creative genius, the eccentric, the impulsive artist; all have minds that flow profusely into metaphysics, theories, and equations. All are famous for answering in long-winded sentences.

A great example is the book called "The Organon" written by S. Hahnemann. Hahnemann calls sulphur "the king of antipsorics". Sulphur types are philosophers, deep in thought and oblivious to the simple physical life they live. As Einstein was, his wife had to do everything for him. He had to be fed, dressed, etc.; his head being "in the clouds". Sulphurs live in a world of imagination. They are blind to all the material things of today.

Personally, I am focused on the sulphur constitutional type due to the fact that when I think back in my own life, my mentors, great teachers, and inspirational people have all been sulphurs. It is always those that stood out, making a dent in society. I have great respect for the eccentric sulphurs because of their many contributions to my life. Up until now, I have only met male sulphurs. It is well known that there are very few female sulphurs in existence. Sulphurs need a lot of emotional, mental, and physical room due to restless and nervous energy (like the flammable element sulphur.)

The greatest egos come from the sulphur type, but this is the motivating force that keeps him mobile, stimulated, focused, and driven. Such great leaders are self motivated and do not look to follow another but set the pace for others to follow. This intense ego, if imbalanced, is destructive, obsessive, irritable, insecure, negative, and a hypocondriac. To criticize an unbalanced sulphur is volatile. You cannot argue with a sulphur type due to the strong will and obstinate personality combined within a dictionary of wuick witted vocabulary words. So here, you have the two basic extremes of polarity.

Emotional and mental states of imbalance cause organic derangements in the physical realm. Sulphur is impatient with those around him. Always on the move, full of brilliant ideas, alchemists call sulphur "the heat and force of everything." In homeopathy, sulphur is used to push out symptoms ("bring to maturity"). For example: clearing up skin imbalances due to suppressive topical lotions, or suppressive emotional and mental imbalance; a phenomenon that happens when the vibration of the homeopathic sulphur remedy neutralizes the vibration of the disease.

All of one's traits become "real" under stress of an emotion. When a
sulphur is suppressed, mentally and emotionally the unconscious side of them makes an appearance. The alter ego sets in; its spirits, its demons (Lucifer), and its flaws all become visible. This is when it is easy to detect a sulphur. The worst thing to do to a sulphur is to cause sufficating suppression of any type. To suppress their imagination, creativity, ego, and spirit will degenerate a sulphur's fire. The physical body becomes full of discomforts and starts to adapt to its miserable situation, becoming ill with disease, irritable and difficult to live with.

  1. Sulphur is an extremely hot blooded person. Warm hands and feet; always kicks off blankets.
  2. Nervous, lean, eccentric looking.
  3. You can spot a sulphur in a crowd due to his unruly long hair, and outgoing selection of clothing (sometimes wearing the same clothes week after week.)
  4. Sits in a chair with his entire body involved.
  5. Paces the floor, cannot stand still in one spot.
  6. Cannot wear wool clothing, gets super itchy.
  7. Health complaints are always relapsing.
  8. Noon and midnight are the worst aggravations for sulphurs.
  9. It has to be "his idea", not someone elses.
  10. Reads a lot of books, retaining everything.
  11. Can teach a class better than the instructor.
  12. A sulphur "scholar" does not worry about his physical appearance.
  13. Messy house does not matter to sulphur. He is indifferent.
  14. Offensive body odors.
  15. Intolerance of artificial heaters indoors. They make him "stuffy".
  16. Chronic skin eruptions (eczema, dry itchy psoriasis, boils, and acne.)
  17. Lots of anxiety. Dislike of criticism, suppression, and being scorned.
  18. Embarassment is extremely humiliating.
  19. Much struggling for ego and honor.
  20. Sulphur "idealists" are usually dogamatic and cannot be swayed.
  21. Absent minded "professor" type, neglecting practical aspects of their lives.
  22. Sulphurs make excellent teachers.
  23. Sulphurs want to do things whenever they want to, not when told to.
  24. Known for drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  25. Charming to the opposite sex. Many sulphurs are womanizers.
  26. Having many partners. Openly flirting with women, but hopelessly dependent on their wives, emotionally and practically.
  27. Sulphurs are great in promoting themselves.
  28. Lots of self confidence, gifted and enterprising.
  29. Preferring self employment. Likes his independence and freedom.
  30. Has knowledge of a broad range of subjects, highly intellectual.
  31. Most have no formal education and are self taught (born an intellectual genius.)
  32. Sulphurs like an audience.
  33. Sulphurs do not care about being socially acceptable.
  34. Relates to all walks of life, young and old.
  35. Individualist, independent.
  36. Childish persona.
  37. Lots of self confidence, boasting about his achievements.
  38. When it comes to a goal or passion, sulphur dives into it 1000%, whether it is a negative obsession or work related project.
  39. Protective of his family, the wife is "queen" in his eyes.
  40. Sulphur feels like a child of the universe.
  41. Often unbearable to live with, cynical and feeling sorry for themselves causing insecurities.
  42. Becoming aloof, guarded, and with a self doubt.
  43. Worries about the future.
  44. Revels in argument or anecdote.

Note: The "clinical" symptoms of sulphur have not been discussed such as skin afflictions, lymphatic, cardiovascular and urinary systems. For that, most homeopathic Materia Medica's have lists of information. This article pertains more to the "essence" of sulphur.

The Travelers Homeopathic Emergency Kit
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

  This article was written in Bali, Indonesia while I was on a long extended visit with my family. The kit is very useful for anyone going abroad. My suggestion is to read this article, buy the needed homeopathic remedies, and then photocopy this article to take with you. Once you have the kit of remedies, there's no need to buy another for the rest of your lifetime (there is no expiration on homeopathic remedies) and the x-ray airport scanners do no harm to the remedies.

As a homeopath myself, I find it comforting to travel with my knowledge of homeopathy. I have no need to pump myself with chemicals (allopathic drugs a.k.a. vaccinations and antibiotics). These are taken (vaccines) prior to a trip preventing things like malaria and diarrhea. But what most people don't know is that the vaccines themselves will get you extremely ill; the side-effects are sometimes life threatening. (click here for more information about vaccines further down this page, or go to the following websites:,

Many countries have no clean medical facilities, and if they do, they are quite expensive. Traveling is bound to bring imbalances to your delicate system. To go on lengthy trips (month or longer), or go for a short hike in the mountains (or go camping), it is helpful to be prepared. What can you do, when you become ill, to help yourself and your family?

I recommend a really small homeopathic kit for these reasons:

  1. For acute illnesses that come on suddenly, homeopathy works fairly easily when it comes to looking up symptoms and matching the correct remedy.
  2. No need for a water supply, the small homeopathic pellets (globules) are usually small poppy-seed sized pills and are placed under the tongue. They dissolve quickly with no taste (great for babies, toddlers, and for situations where no clean water can be found).
  3. Instant relief within 5 to 15 minutes with only one dose. Normally only one pellet is needed, if the symptoms return, then only, is another pellet taken.
  4. No side effects- the remedies are all low potencies.
  5. No synthetic chemicals that cause allergies.
  6. Revitalized energy force, returns the body to its "balanced" state.

The problems I find the most to happen while traveling are generally the same. From my experiences I have compiled this list:

  1. Animal bites- ledum, lachesis, hyper. (in 30c potencies)
  2. Bruising - Arnica, and topical arnica gel.
  3. Bug bites- ledum, urtica, apis, staph., rhus. tox., bell., and a topical
    gel called "sssting".
  4. Car sickness- (motion sickness) petrol, tab.
  5. Colds- kali. bich.,cal. carb., aconite.
  6. Coughing- puls., cal. carb., spongia, bry., phos., sulph..
  7. Cramping- mag. phos.
  8. Cuts and scrapes- calendula, arnica, phos., and topical calendula gel.
  9. Diarrhea- arsenicum, china, merc..
  10. Flu/fever- gels., aconite, ars., ferr. phos..
  11. Headaches- glon., bell., nux. vom., gels..
  12. Heat stroke/sun stroke- glon., bell., gels..
  13. Infections- arnica and topical calendula.
  14. Jet lag- Arnica, cocc., gels..
  15. Sleeplessness- coff., cham..
  16. Sunburn/blistering- cantharis, bell., rhus. tox., and topical calendula
  17. Water & food poisoning- ars., carbo. veg., china, nux. vom., puls..
  18. Vomiting- ipec., nux. vom..

If you have no Materia Medica & Repertory, this list will be of some help. The remedies can be bought singular or in a complete kit. My personal kit comes from Washington Homeopathic Products Inc., USA. 50 remedies, all 30c, come in a compact little box convenient for traveling.

I have had mine for years and have not had a need to replace the vials. I also listed a few topical gels that come in tubes about the size of a tube of toothpaste. These must be included in your kit.

A word of caution: I noticed in many countries like India, Mexico, and Indonesia, where a lot of camphor is used to keep away the moths in closets. Keep the remedies away from camphor at all costs!

Once again, take only one pellet under the tongue and let it dissolve. That is it. If the symptoms return take another pellet. (Most of the time you only need one pellet (dose)). For chronic illnesses (meaning it lasts for a month or longer) one must see an experienced classical homeopath locally.

Homeopathic kits, books, courses
Homeopathic Ointment (for bruises, bumps, and bites)

One of my Cases - Vaccine Damage of a Male Infant
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

Feb 18th 1999 - A baby male named Steve vaccinated at three months old with the standard childhood vaccines all kids get in the USA (Polio/Meningitis/Hep/Dtap (another form of DPT).

First few days he was extremely irritable, crying non-stop, projectile vomiting, refuses breast milk, cannot sleep and up all night. Whining round the clock.

Feb 24th 1999 - Convulsions- right side, started in the a.m. Eye area and eyebrow twitching like a tick; right arm, elbow pulling simultaneously with the face twitching, right hand fist contractions also same timing as face ticks, non- stop all day. He was taken to Tarzana Emergency Hospital (US) that same afternoon. Urine test /blood test and a then a CAT Scan of his brain. The latter revealed blood on the left side in his brain, 3 centimeters, the size of a golf ball. Tarzana Regional Medical Center Diagnosis: Seizure disorder and intra-cranial hemorrhage. He had to be transported to a special pediatric intensive care ward across town: Hollywood Children’s Hospital.

Feb 25th 1999 - The baby had more tests done, including MRI, which showed the detail of the blood mass in his brain. Still having seizures. Brain surgery was strongly recommended by doctors at both hospitals.

Feb 25th 1999 3pm - I had the permission of both parents to use homeopathy on their baby prior to surgery. Homeopathic remedy used: Silica 200C, 1 dose orally slipped under his tongue.

Repertory Analysis:
projectile vomiting worse after breast feeding- sil
refuses mother’s milk- sil
convulsions due to vaccines- sil

Not much to go on as the baby was so young. Symptoms were strong and very acute. Onset was obviously related to vaccination, as the baby was not having these symptoms prior to his shots. Also, many of the symptoms are classic reactions to vaccination. Never been well since, fits in this case.

More observations about this baby which were used to select the indicated remedy:

Feet and hands freezing cold, very irritable, nothing made the symptoms any better, head sweating, extreme dislike of mother’s milk, but can tolerate bottle milk, a bizarre blank stare on his face, vomiting, arching his back, kicking. As if he were two different persons switching on and off constantly (sycotic miasm), sleepless, crying round the clock. The baby developed a fever of 102 F after the vaccination.

Immediately after the homeopathic remedy was administered this baby fell into a very deep sleep. Slept for 20 minutes without seizures. Prior to remedy mostly no sleep and when he did take a short catnap, he had seizures. After the baby woke up, it had no more seizures! They had stopped 100% and his body was calm and relaxed. No more of the intense arching from before. No more twitching, no more arm jerking. Passed green fecal matter.

Feb 26th 1999 (the next day) - The baby was showing signs of coming back to life. Breast feeding again with no problems; no vomiting; hungry, appetite is back; smiling, reacting, happy expression, no more blank stare. No more irritability, crankiness. A happy baby like he was before his vaccines.

More tests and CAT scan were done, confirming all was well with this baby. He’s 100% cured.

March 9th 1999 : Excellent recovery, his normal personality back, sleeping very well, calm, appears happy. No more seizures. Thank goodness no surgery was done, since none was needed. Homeopathy proves once again its ability to cure. 2008 : Still no seizures. The little boy has been on homeopathy for all his other acutes: colds, flu,sore throat etc. “Constitutional” prescribing finalized his progress.

A note: If you look at the classic adverse reactions to vaccines, the etiology of this case is clear. To list just a few: vomiting, non-stop screaming/crying, seizure disorder, convulsions, epilepsy, spasms, inflammation of the brain-encephalomyelitis, etc. Yet if you ask conventional pediatricians if baby Steve developed all his symptoms from the shots, they would deny the connection.

It’s important for parents to report these adverse effects to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) as only 10% get reported (mostly by parents- MD’s often do not report these symptoms as adverse effects). VAERS:

More useful information may be had at: National Vaccine Information Center This is a consumer organization with numerous articles addressing scientific, legal and other aspects of vaccination.

ThinkTwice Global Vaccine Institute Both anecdotal and scientific information about vaccination. These sites have many personal stories by parents of children suffering from vaccine damage. Reporting to these organizations doesn't have legal status, but it does form a “collective data” anyone may access.

Monetary compensation is available for vaccine injury. To learn more visit : National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program : The sooner one removes the damage caused by vaccines, the better for the child.

In my experience, the longer these toxins stay in the system, the more long term damage is done. Homeopathy is the only medicine powerful enough to effect these cures.


Gina Tyler is a homeopath living and working in Los Angeles California/USA. She has travelled the world to study homeopathy including clinic work in India with Dr. Banerjea. A Reiki practitioner, she also makes use of herbs, essential oils, reflexology and kinesiology. After the Tsunami hit Sumatra in 2004, she made a number of trips to Indonesia, bringing homeopathic remedies and books and teaching homeopathy to local doctors, midwives and health care workers.

Vaccinosis - What is it and How Homeopathic Remedies are Considered
By Gina Tyler DHOM.

Vaccinosis is a reaction to a vaccine. A person or animal can have an adverse reaction to vaccines.
Some people are more susceptible than others.
Some have acute symptoms that show immediately after having shots, one day to several days after.

Examples of acute adverse reactions:
Seizures, fevers, breathing problems, fainting, swelling in area shot was given, headaches, dizziness, chills, digestive upsets, vomiting.
Some indicate chronic symptoms showing up long-term, often years later, and are complex to detox. Some examples of chronic adverse reactions:
Asthma, learning problems (ADD, Autism, Aspergers, ADHD), Eczema, bowel obstruction, many allergies, urinary/kidney defects, reproductive problems, Seizures, Death.
The list of adverse reactions is massive. Full research needs to be done by all parents prior to even considering having shots of ANY type.

A few links:

Homeopaths fully understand the implications of vaccine toxins and how these destroy the 'vital force' of each person/animal that partakes of them.
The options are in favor of consumers to OPT OUT of getting vaccines. Sadly many parents don’t know this. Why don't they know this?
Laws to opt out in the USA see link:
MD's do NOT promote "Opt outs" because it hurts their income. Vaccines are the bread and butter of Allopathic – aka Modern Medicine - and a billion dollar industry for "Big Pharma"! Most MD's justify vaccine use by saying "diseases have been stopped by vaccinations!"
No scientific facts of vaccine damage. This is 100% false.
See link for charts:
Graphs show that vaccines DID NOT reduce diseases!
Read thousands of "personal stories" posted by parents of vaccine damaged babies/children:
So if you as a parent have had your baby vaccinated and start to see symptoms don’t bother to report them to the MD that gave these shots. They will flat out deny the connection between vaccines and symptoms (acute or chronic). MD's are required to report vaccine adverse reactions but don't. Perhaps only 5-10% of adverse reactions get ever reported and that is done by the parents NOT THEIR MD's!
See the vaccine reporting system (VAERS) file the report yourself.
Now what? Your baby has Vaccinosis, What does a parent do now? Find a Homeopathic organization- directory a database of practitioners or Google or your phonebook or perhaps you already have a homeopath.
This cannot be done via self-prescribing. Each person has their own set of specific adverse reactions to vaccines. Homeopathy has over 3,000 different remedies used for various ailments. When it comes to prescribing a homeopathic detox for vaccine-damage, a full case-taking needs to be done by a trained classical practitioner. Only the well indicated homeopathic remedy will do the trick. The "try this try that" method just won't do. There are NO shortcuts to proper homeopathic prescribing. If the child has had adverse effects for years the case is extremely complex. One visit will most likely not be enough, but with time homeopathy can detox vaccine toxins. Of course the sooner the appt. is made the better.
Sometimes these vaccine toxins make deep imprints within a person’s MIASM - causing havoc to not only one generation but the second and third generation within the same family. Each time, adding another layer of Vaccinosis. For these complicated predisposed Miasmatic suppressions, a trained classical Homeopath, who fully understands constitutional Anti-Miasmatic principles to prescribing, is needed.

A list of some Homeopathic Remedies used for Vaccinosis:

Boericke's MM lists:
aconite,antimonium tart,apis,bell,crotalus,horridus,echin,maland,merc-s,mez,sars,sepia,sil,sulp,thuja.

J.T. Kent has this list:
Only the homeopathic remedy that most closely matches the totality of the presenting symptoms given should be prescribed.
A remedy that is used to detox Vaccinosis might be followed up with the persons 'constitutional remedy' for a deep acting healing. Nosodes, Bowel Nosodes, Isodes and Auto-Nosodes are all possibilities the practitioner needs to consider.
Boericke's Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory
Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica by J.T. Kent
The Organon of Medicine By Samuel Hahnemann (6th edition)
Rubrics from The Complete Repertory

Gina Tyler Interview - Interview with Homeopaths
By Alan S. of hpathy - Editorial Staff

November 15, 2008

AS: Can you tell us something about your background and how you got involved with homeopathy?
GT: I was born June 12th, 1957 in Java, Indonesia and subsequently moved to the Netherlands. I am presently working in California. My interest in homeopathy blossomed when my mother became very sick with rheumatoid arthritis, which she’s had for about 20 yrs. I watched allopathic MD?s giving her toxic drugs year after year, with no results. Her immune system was being destroyed from all these drugs. Not only were they not helping, it was causing crippling adverse effects. She lost so much weight and fell to just 80 pounds. My family moved from the Netherlands to California, thinking the weather would benefit my mother’s health. The severe freezing cold in Holland is not welcome when you have Arthritis. I was already extremely interested in herbalism but had just used it on myself. I made a giant move to try and help my mother overcome this disease with (the use of my obstinate personality and) the study of plant medicine. I started by trying to convince her to change her eating and drinking habits, stopping foods that were toxic to her and things she was drinking that were working against her journey towards health. In the case of Arthritis, foods such as the nightshade family must be avoided. Many methods of alternative meds were introduced into my mother’s life from then on. Starting with Ayurveda and all its treatments of massage – Panchakarma – using plant oils of various kinds. Each day she had to drink a detoxing liquid called Ghee and used a special breathing technique called Pranayama. All of this helped a lot, but I wanted more for her. I started my journey to Homeopathy by going to the alternative healing bookstores and spending hours sitting on the floor reading about Homeopathy. I found a few books to take home and began to study. The book that stood out the most was Miasmatic Diagnosis, written by Dr. Subrata Banerjea. After reading this I wanted more and looked up this author, finding out that he taught homeopathy in Calcutta, India. The journey has not stopped from that point on. I flew to India and took the clinical course. To my amazement I was not prepared enough. I should have taken more of the basic lessons in homeopathy before I engulfed myself in the intensive hands-on clinic in Calcutta. I came back to California and more years of study followed. I was also making use of all Reflexology, Herbs, Aromatheraphy and Kinesiology. Today as I write, the update on my mother is amazing. She is healthy, strong and energetic. She is the proper weight for her size and travels with me to all corners of this planet. She is the only one out of all her friends age 65-75+ that doesn’t have scores of prescription drugs in her medicine cabinet. In fact, she only uses homeopathy and a few herbs!

AS: How did you first get involved in volunteer work?
GT: My introduction to volunteer work as a homeopath came from my clinical homeopathic work in Calcutta India under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Banerjea. He runs many slum clinics for the poor and also a mobile homeopathic bus that makes stops in extremely poor areas of Calcutta. I was in Calcutta with Banerjea for about a month. We went to all the slum clinics in the homeopathic pharmacy bus. It was loaded with homeopaths and remedies. The door would swing open in the back and patients would line up for hours in the heat. For each patient a case taking was done, remedies dispensed and a cup of milk was given. At the end of the day I?d be dizzy with overload from all the patients, the dirt, the hunger. I felt exhausted but happy. We also saw patients in the main teaching clinic “Bengal Allen Medical Institute”.

AS: How did you get involved in relief for Tsunami victims?
GT: In 2004 the Tsunami on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra (Indonesia has 13,000 islands) killed 300,000 people. I am half Indonesian (born on Java) and the second I heard about this horrific event I had to do something to help. I thought my homeopathic knowledge would come in handy Donating money was not an option as I fully understood the corruption of politicians hording the funds for themselves. Hands on volunteer work seemed to make the most sense. My first attempt to round up aid for the Indonesian trip was to contact all the homeopaths I knew, then the on line forums, schools, homeopathy organizations etc. I needed funds, homeopathic books and remedies I sent proposals by email for months. This was the basic plan: a) Help in remote health clinics-work hands on as a homeopathic volunteer b) Teach homeopathy for acutes-101 of basic homeopathy, so the work could continue after I left. c) Bring donated homeopathic remedies to Indonesia d) Open up doors of communication for future homeopaths who might go there to help. After nine months of frustrating rejections there was no help, no funds and no volunteers to join me. (Two homeopaths offered to send homeopathic emergency kits and a few books.) In the end one homeopath (Genevieve) agreed to meet me in Indonesia. She was a lively 24 yr old from Toronto, who had recently graduated in homeopathy. I must say that the major organizations largely ignored my pleas. I received some homeopathic books and remedies from Hpathy team member Dr. Leela. A packet of remedies from Dr. Mass in Pakistan came later while I was already in Bali.

AS: What were some of the difficulties you faced?
GT: I finally entered Indonesia Sept of 2005 and found a few health clinics in Bali, which were willing to take me in and let me do volunteer work as a homeopath. Getting remedies into Indonesia was a challenge. I had to hand carry them in my luggage. Homeopathy is not illegal in Indonesia, but is simply not known here. If I was searched and they found all the pills, which look like drug contraband, I would be thrown in jail before any explanation was allowed. The punishment for contraband is the death penalty. Another option was to send remedies by post, but customs agents often request bribes (which can be expensive) and even that doesn’t guarantee supplies will get through. I tried both methods but was not happy with either. In the end, I managed to bring in with my luggage my own remedies , cell salts, vitamins, bach flower remedies and homeopathic literature on acutes. I made a number of trips to Indonesia. Subsequently a homeolab in Spain “Iberhome labs” donated thousands of vials of remedies . A homeopath in Spain named Andres sent the remedies and paid for the shipping costs. I was in heaven! Finally a break. These remedies will last forever I thought. They could be provided to several clinics in the area and be sent to Sumatra where the tsunami hit so hard in 2004. I had plenty to work with. Another problem was translating different languages, understanding local customs and traditions. The word homeopathy does not exist in their dictionary (Kamus). There was no homeopathic literature, no books like MM, repertory etc. in the Native Bahasa tongue. I had to write down information about homeopathy and then explain it verbally, using multiple translators.

AS: Who did you teach in Indonesia and how were you received?
GT: I taught homeopathy to Allopathic MD’s, Midwives, other health care workers, social workers and teachers. They were extremely receptive and open minded and the language problem was the only obstacle. People would gravitate toward me and ask about why I was on that island, what was I doing, what is homeopathy……a million questions. They were extremely curious and receptive , no rhetoric about “Oh that does not work”, and “Homeopathy is only placebo”, I didn’t hear that once. In fact it was a relief compared to working in the USA where your defence for homeopathy becomes a daily ritual as the population has been rather brainwashed by the media and drug TV commercials. The method of teaching was only at the acute level of prescribing. There wasn?t time for anything beyond that. I printed out the basic principles, dispensing methods, acute symptomatology and some keynotes of materia medica. I would take three translators with me. I wish there were homeopathic books written in Bahasa Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesian is the common language spoken in all of Indonesia), but each of the 13,000 Indonesian islands have several of their own native dialects that vary extremely. Maybe if B. JAIN publisher is reading this they can translate some of their massive database into Bahasa Indonesian. The Balinese people are the poorest of poor, the best salary paying around a dollar a day for a twelve hour day. Many don’t have a job. They sleep in huts made from grass and bamboo, on a dirt floor-(sometimes cement). When it comes to medicine, they mostly live off the land with medicinal plants they have used for thousands of years called “Jamu”. They are very open to the idea of energy healing. Hands on Reiki type work, medicine men chanting, spiritual healing, healing energy from plants, it’s all part of their culture in Bali ( pre-Hindu-anamism). If you told a patient ?please drink this water it has magic healing properties” they would. It’s easily accepted that there are other forms of healing /medicine besides allopathics. The Balinese Islanders are extremely kind, giving and truly interested in what you are up too. I have never met an entire culture that acts this way, which is another reason I am happy to serve.

AS: Along with homeopathy, what other healing methods did you work with?
GT: I used reflexology sometimes to access meridian points that were out of balance, like in a patient with severe fear and kidney imbalance (the two are related in Chinese medicine). By accupressure via refexology you can find the imbalance quickly with no need for language. Bach flower essences like Rescue Remedy came in very handy for shock, trauma and anxiety. Charcoal pills made from coconut burnt wood, were useful for food poisoning and loose bowels. I also used essential oils. There were traditional Indonesian mixtures. They included Tree oil, Lavender and Eucalyptus. Tree tree for fungal infections, to rid infestation of tics and bugs. Lavender was good for calming and great for sunburns. JAMU, traditional Indonesian medicinal plants were used often. My favorite was Kumis kucing (orthosiphon stamineus). I have used this plant since I was a toddler for urinary/kidney imbalances. Some others were Bertowal, to cleanse the blood, very bitter! Sambiloto also to cleanse the blood. Ginger had a place for stomach upsets. Papaya was helpful for digestion. We used Tumeric for its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-hemorrhagic properties. Aloe Vera came in handy for burns. It works instantly and the plant grows everywhere. Each villiage also had a Holyman who did spiritual healing. There’s an excellent book called “OBAT ASLI”, the healing herbs of bali by Ibu Robin Lim , owner of the Bumi Sehat clinic in Ubud Bali. For more on these traditional medicines: (crisis care)

AS: Could you describe a typical day in a clinic?
GT: There was a very remote clinic used only by the local people of this village. The director was a dedicated woman from Australia who moved to Bali 10yrs ago, opened a clinic for the poor and never left. They call her Mama Gloria. Oct 10- 2005 : Kept a journal, Did very little formal case taking as communication was lacking/ impossible. Acute key symptoms had to jump at me. I could not spend hours on each case, only minutes. A typical day included a pregnant woman in for check up. I gave vitamins and cell salts as an overall tonic since most expectant mothers are very weak and are lacking nutrients. Various injuries which received Arnica. A teenage girl, highly emotional with a runny nose cold green discharge got Puls. A woman traumatized by domestic problems gets Ignatia. Bach flower rescue remedy goes to a woman with stress insomnia. A 3rd degree burn on a little boy requires cantharis, urtica. Patient with loose rattling cough gets Ant-t. A severe eye injury receives Euphrasia. Late in the evening sometimes midnight to 2 am patients would come to the main house asking for help with illnesses injuries. At the end of the day I would make the one hour walk through a dirt path in the jungle.back to a guesthouse. On the way I met the local rice farmers (no tourists come here so I always caused heads to turn). They would ask in broken English “What are you doing here?” “Where are you staying?” I’d say I was staying with Mama Gloria and volunteering in the clinic (in my broken bahasa Indonesian). There would be an immediate acceptance, big smile like you have known them forever. These beautifull people have nothing material yet have the most plentiful hearts.

AS: Did your work in Bali have any lasting effect?
GT: Yes I truly believe my visits had a lasting effect. Some of the clinics have continued to use homeopathics. I get email from several clinic directors, sometimes they ask me to send more remedies: Dear Gina, We think of you every day at Bumi Sehat, as we use the homeopathic remedies dozens of times every single day to treat patients. The remedy I am nearly out of, and is so useful to us, due to the fact we have so many children here… Is Belladonna. There has been an epidemic of dengue fever, so the Belladonna 200 has been needed. If you know anyone who is coming to Bali anytime, please see if we can get some Belladonna. There have been so many births that we had to add a room to the Bumi Clinic. Much love Peace, Ibu Robin (Bumi Sehat Bali) Doctor Gina , You are our Angel… We are using your remedies everyday. I am about to buy a bog ‘Drybox’ like a refrigerator that keeps the homeopathics dry so that they will last forever. We just had a difficult birth last night… Last birth of 8 in a row… Malpresented baby… Asynclitic and obliqe… Would have been a cesarean… But for Pulsatilla 200. We then gave her Caullophylum to strengthen the contractions and she delivered a huge baby boy… So alert and wonderful. We also had a preemie. Wet lungs and chest retractions… Gave Ant. Tart and they dried right up. So you see how everyday you help the people of your country. love Ibu robin Thank you (Bumi Sehat Bali) I was invited back to teach the allopathic staff in Government Hospitals next time I return. Other homeopaths have come after me, following in my footsteps to volunteer in these clinics. I opened the door.

AS: How do you relax when you?re not practicing homeopathy?
GT: In addition to practicing homeopathy, I am an artist.

Interview done by Alan S. of hpathy- Editorial staff

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