Gina Tyler, DHom

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General all around holistic medicine websites - good for alternative healing:

Vaccine dangers - links you wont find posted under the CDC: - important info on adverse effects of vaccinations - great site for vaccine laws and what your rights to opt out are

Dangers of pet/animal vaccines:

Dangers of sweeteners like Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-low in diet drinks: - list of side effects caused by sugar substitutes

Fluoride poison warning: - warnings about fluorides and its adverse effects - biological dentist database (holistic dentists who don't use fluoride or mercury)

Chronic health conditions caused by silver mercury fillings:

Anti-dairy - milk is not good for you:

Other links: - info on homeopathy - Calcutta, India homeopathic clinical course - 52,000 different homeopathic remedies - alternative healing methods featuring articles by Gina Tyler - alternative books - massive selection of alternative healing books - info related to plant meds - traditional Indonesian herbal plant meds - diet recommended for autistic children - info on Ayurveda alternative healing - an interactive foot chart for reflexology - Aromatheraphy Global Online Research Archives - everything about the healing properties of essential oils - intro into urine theraphy healing - more info on the use of urine for healing

Stone Secrets - a book based on the true story of Gina Tyler's mother, Dee. Stone Secrets cover Her life orphaned at age 5, captured by the Japanese army and put into a concentration camp for 3 years. Malaria, disentary, lice, boils, hunger, tuberculosis, abandonment, abuse and grief of loosing her mother, father, sister and brother all by the age of 7.

Extreme trauma in her life caused her to get Rheumatoid Arthritis for decades. She was abused by western allopathic modern medications, suffering crippling side effects. This lead to her search for an alternative healing like Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

That is where Gina comes into the picture. Years of watching the painfull decline of her mother's physical and mental body Gina started to study Ayurveda, Aromatheraphy, Kinesiology, herbs, reflexology and homeopathy to help her mother. The results are amazing! Dee's life came back, no more pain....she is happy, independent, artistic, strong and healthy.

Bali Crisis Care - free clinic for the sick on Bali, Indonesia where Gina heads the forum for “Natural Medicine and Holistic Health Matters”at Bali Crisis Care's web site.

Gina gives contributions of advice on various ailments. Some questions answered with herbal plants from the island of Bali, some answered with western herbs.

Bali Crisis Care is a wonderful, real world clinic located in North Bali in a city called Lovina. The woman that runs it gives free care to the poor. It runs on private donations only.

Please log on and take a look, write a post or ask a question. Please consider donating your time the next time go to Bali or send a packet with goodies for the children.

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