Gina Tyler, DHom
Definition: Acute
Problems you have lasting for one day to a month. Examples: Flu, Cold, Cramps, Bladder Infection, Cough, etc.

as of February 2010

For Chronic Problems - 2 hours, $410 (includes remedy)
For Acute Problems - 30 minutes, $130 (includes remedy)

Please contact me for price updates.


Details of Your Consultation

Very private setting: No other people in the same area as you.

One on one with me only: If your spouse comes they are not allowed to be there for the consultation. This encourages a better flow of communication.

Detailed Question & Answer session: 30 minutes for an acute visit, 2 hours for a chronic consultation. All will be recorded in your case-taking file. Definition: Chronic
Problems lasting two months or more such as Chronic Arthritis, Chronic Migraines, Emotional Depression, Chronic Eczema, etc.

Follow-up visits are handled similarly to acute visits and last 30 minutes.

Your physical symptoms are observed. Emotional and mental symptoms will also be noted in detail.

Suggestions of a possible diet change will follow the consultation. This includes a detoxing program, herbal supplements, vitamin intake, homeopathic remedies and reflexology. (one or all of the above)

When herbs are recommended, a local health food store must be sought on your own time. (the fee does not include herbs)

When homeopathic remedies are recommended, a mailing address is needed. (homeopathic remedies are included with the fee)

A follow-up appointment is made for 6 weeks.

All consultations need to be in person. It's important for the Homeopath to see the patient face to face, making notations of the patient’s behaviors and idiosyncrasies. Everything is observed – e.g. fidgety feet or hands, licking the lips, constantly playing with hair, nervous scratching, sitting calmly, restlessly standing, sitting or pacing, temperature of hands, color of tongue, nail ridges, etc.

This homeopathic office is 100% all-solar powered.

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